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Become a Brand Partner

Partner with True Science Liquid Collagen, and we'll show you how to refer a few people and get your collagen paid for every month.  Or, refer a few more and generate a side income too!

Endless possibilities

We are looking for people to join us as brand partners. Whether you want to sell products to customers, build a team, or both, you can start earning supplemental income on day one by sharing the power of activation. 

What does it take?
1. Share the products you love and inspire others to do the same
2. Grow your earnings and your potential as more people join you
3. Lead, succeed, and evolve your life.


Why is now a great time to join? 

The global collagen market was at an estimated $3.5 billion in 2018 and jumped to $8.36 billion in 2020, with an anticipated growth to $16.70 billion in 2028.  - Forbes

Two people drinking True Science Liquid Collagen
Hear from some of our team about why they joined?

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