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Read what our customers say and why True Science Liquid Collagen is the best liquid collagen on the market. It's why we won the People's Choice Stevie Award (2023)

Love this collagen! Have tried powdered collagen but forgot about it or doesn't taste great. Have seen so many awesome improvements with this liquid collagen. Scar on my nose has diminished a lot!! Tried all kinds of scar creams with little to no change. My crepey skin on arms, neck and legs is gone!! Turkey neck gone! Definitely not going to stop using it! ❤
I am completely BLOWN AWAY with my results already. 
A little over 90 days in and I'm not only feeling but seeing the difference.
My eyes were so dry. I would sometimes wake up in pain and blind for a day or two. My cornea would stick to the insides of my eyelids!!! Last time it sent me to the ER. Luckily my extreme dry eyes are a thing of the past and my eyes are repairing themselves. What a relief!
My nails and hair are incredibly thicker! Also, my fine lines are minimized, and eye lids lifted slightly. MOST exciting, the dermatitis I had since January (horrible rash with itching burning blisters all over chin/jaw plus hundreds of bumps on forehead) is 90% GONE! I tried all sorts of things and nothing worked - I never expected the collagen to do this but I am so grateful! And my eyelashes are growing awesome too!
I truly never imagined when liquid collagen was released late June [2022] that I would have these life changing results!!!
My internal gut health is the best it’s ever been and I feel healthier than I have in years! 
AND….what this has done for the aging my skin was experiencing, WOW!!
For years as I worked out I had this annoyingly painful jab happening in my lower back. Every.step.I.took felt like someone was jabbing my spine with an ice pick!🤺  Some days  it was so bad I had to relinquish the fight and take it easy. 😩
For 3 weeks now I have been able to run PAIN FREE!!!
While I was all about taking a ‘vanity product’ at the start, who knew how intensely important collagen is for our whole body!
 I didn’t!!
I started taking the collagen about a month and half ago. Three weeks ago I had total knee replacement on my right knee.  My bruising is all but gone. The physical therapist said today my knee looked like that of a patient 4 weeks out not a patient at 9 days out!!! Wow!!!
My nails are very strong. Don't break or chip! My knees don't hurt going up and down stairs!! My skin is softer and cellulite in my legs has disappeared!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 
My hair, skin and nails are great as a by product of this wonderful nrf2 activator  and collagen combination (before and after photos below day 0 left and day 52 right) and that’s fantastic but for me it’s about what’s happening on the inside 😃
I will never ever stop taking these products!!
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