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Money matters: Avoid Ineffective Collagen, choose hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen every time.

Updated: Feb 4

Skip the gimmicks and cut to the chase – who wants to waste money on ineffective solutions? Forget collagen supplements; there's a game-changing shift happening in the pursuit of radiant skin and overall well-being. Today, we are being offered an option to move to activating our body's collagen production, leaving traditional supplementation in the dust.

The Straight Talk on Collagen Synthesis:

Collagen makes up a third of all the proteins in our body and is the holy grail for youthful skin and robust joints. But to cut the fluff, collagen synthesis starts in your cells. If your cellular generation slows, then you start experiencing saggy skin, aches and pains, sleep issues, gut problems, etc. BUT when we naturally awaken that process, we give cellular activation a kickstart back into action. No more reliance on external collagen – activate those genes and let your body do the work naturally.

No More Supplements, Just Activation:

Wave goodbye to ineffective supplements; activation is the name of the game. While others are dumping collagen into their bodies, when you activate, you're stimulating the genes responsible for collagen synthesis. It's not just about sustaining collagen levels – it's about doing it the right way, naturally and bioavailable.

Nutrigenomics: Your Ally for Collagen Activation:

Cut through the noise with nutrigenomics – the science of making your genes work for you. Of course, we always recommend nutrient-rich foods and good lifestyle choices, but if you know of the right ingredients, in the perfect formulation to maximise cellular activation, you'd want that, right?

We're Seeing Real Results:

When it comes to witnessing transformative results, the proof is in the collagen – particularly True Science Liquid Collagen. Being a hydrolyzed formulation boosts the bioavailability even further, and we're seeing more dramatic outcomes compared to traditional powders and other brands. This groundbreaking formula doesn't just activate collagen synthesis; it supercharges the process, unlocking unprecedented results across the whole body - skin, joints, muscles, gut health, sleep and more.

Reducing Stress Cell Signalling

The advancements don't stop there. When True Science Liquid Collagen is combined with Protandim Nrf2, they have been clinically proven to help the body's cells accurately respond to stress levels, rebalance more effectively and recover more quickly.

So, if you want to get the greatest benefit for your hard-earned money, then make the shift from supplementation. Activating your body's collagen production isn't just a beauty hack; it's a transformative journey toward lasting radiance and vitality. Don't waste a dime on what doesn't work – choose the direct path to real results.

A bottle of True Science Liquid Collagen with Activate Replenish Maintain written beside it.

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